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31 January 2013 @ 02:44 pm
why livejournal WHY SO MANY SPAM BOTS!?!? Q-Q
01 February 2011 @ 10:25 pm
Jackie: @SeraphicTune @Hae_Lin @stephieku LOL why are you calling yourself stupid!? XD tune is the shota LOOOOOOOOL

Jackie: @SeraphicTune @Hae_Lin @stephieku haha well guyish is probably me LOL. i dunno. tune seems like a follower to me 8D;;

Jackie: @SeraphicTune @Hae_Lin @stephieku lol no you're like MY follower.. you're always like "jackie jackie jackie!!!" XDDDD

Stephie: @asatenshi @SeraphicTune @Hae_Lin She dooooes!

Sel: @asatenshi @SeraphicTune @Hae_Lin @stephieku THIS. XDDDDD

Helene: @stephieku @asatenshi @SeraphicTune LOOOOL

Stephie: @SeraphicTune @asatenshi @Hae_Lin LOL you're always be the cute little sister :'D Even though youre the oldest of your siblings

Jackie: @stephieku @SeraphicTune @Hae_Lin lol. even Mae "seems" to be an oneesan to tune LMAO

Jackie: @SeraphicTune @stephieku @Hae_Lin That's why you're our cute imouto~

Stephie: @SeraphicTune @asatenshi @Hae_Lin Tune is like a little puppy *pets*

Sel: @stephieku @SeraphicTune @asatenshi @Hae_Lin I think that's how everyone describes Tune, eh? ww ah puppy who cutely calls your name~

Helene: @stephieku @SeraphicTune @asatenshi *gives a treat* /shot

Helene: @SeraphicTune @stephieku @asatenshi dogs can't have chocolate...so I will give you RIBs instead /lamejoke

hnnn .___.? -puppy imagery- 
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15 January 2011 @ 02:23 pm
We decided to see how putting cookie dough in a cake pan would work~

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28 October 2010 @ 12:33 am

So Nana, [personal profile] nanamka , asked for a guide-ish for "small nama view-ing" and I'll just write about...my experience (which is really REALLY little) XD
Usually with big namas the hosts don't get to read all the comments, but with small namas, most of the time the hosts read all the comments/chat with viewers pretty directly. =)

Most of the time the hosts says things like "New viewers/shoken-san, welcome and please comment!" and "If you could please leave a kotehan (nickname), I'd be happy~" 

something like that? LOL XDD -notices pattern- also, a lot of hosts use the comment viewer so they sometimes ask you what color you'd like your color to be in comment viewer ^^

Usually if you're a first-viewer you comment with  初見です@ [nickname of choice] . something like that. If you just comment, the hosts usually notice you're a new viewer, unless you're 184 or something and they ask for your name. Although I've been in lives where they don't ask for your name? XDD 

I didn't know this until recently when Angie told me about it. That when you're 184, the hosts always loses your kotehan OTL so you go to the system システム tab and uncheck the box that says 184 (anonymous) so after you out @name you don't need to do it anymore since it'll always show up in their comment viewer now. 

Usually the host can't enchou/extend broadcast (that costs money, right? OTL) so they just run a lot of wakus~ (you can always refresh comm page till the red button pops up XD)
...that's kinda all I know? /shot 
Although I'd have to say beware because in smaller namas, they're more likely to ask you things/talk to you...so I guess have a minor grasp of Japanese? (-fails, so just ROMs xD-)

-shortest guide ever- 

Errr...so if Nana has more questions, feel free to ask? but honestly...[personal profile] varavi  or koochie_koo   might know more than me. OTL

P.S. I can't figure out how the mentioned tags thing works OTL and I want a DW profile layout thingy...or at least journal layout...;) XDD

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Free period again *w* (and I don't have any pending work/I'm lazy @w@)
I never knew how useful it was to have a free period until this year (urgh, due to double period physics every day). It's useful for things like doing last-minute hw and studying~ -waaaai- =)

So there are always ads/posters put up in our school for club meetings, events, etc (heck, I put up posters for Pegasus every other week, haha XD) and there were some bowling club/team posters put up or something and I don't believe they were printed in color, so everytime I pass one or see one peripherally (< - - - urgh spell check~), I go !!! it's Gantz! and expect Nino to pop up shortly or something, hahaha. I've never watched/read Gantz, though I have seen the CM for the movie. So the bowling ball always looks like the Gantz ball to me. (I want Nino!Gantz Suit action /shot)

Just a short tidbit. =)

Ahhh, my cough is getting better, as in I don't hack up my lungs every 5 seconds (literally), but I still have like congestion or whatever in my throat and still coughing a bit. I hope I get better soon >__< It's kinda troublesome~ Not to mention who knows the effect of too much Menthol on my system! (jk, it's probably harmless/negligible)

Ever since [personal profile] the_desserter suggested it to me, I really like hachi's "Rinne" ^^ I dunno why I stayed away from it before, I think it was because people said they didn't really like it? o.o I dunno. lol but I'm glad I listened to it~ I've tried practicing it (yesh, as [personal profile] nanamka  says, baka!Tune) a bit and it's hard to sing >__< It took me forever to try to get the words, they were so fast the first time I listened to it @__@ but then I kinda got it, but with wrong pronounciation/off intonation and pitch -fail- The third ~darling♪~ is super hard to reach and I can't do it T___T ahhhh well~

Random, but Rib and NemP replied to me on Twitter *w* That made me happy. mwhahahaha (and in English too >W<) I want to catch a Rib live again~ and since the [personal profile] the_desserter has been fangirling Nanou/hoehoeP I realllllly want to hear his MOEEEE.


Was there anything else my school-befuddled mind wanted to say. Well, it's the 22nd of October here, so Happy Birthday Juliette ([personal profile] collectivethoughts ) waiiii~

And random, but the guy next to me was typing up his resume or college application or whatever and IT MAKES ME SO NERVOUS. >___<


argh T__T

can't wait to get home to watch my TS of the NicoNicoSportsFest~ and Smiley*2G =)
and maybe if I can re-watch Hiwaily*2 for all the craaaaazy~

Aaahh I want to watch Inoue Mao's "My Darling is a Foreigner" it looks cute *w* and also I wonder if "Kimi ni Todoke" is available? I HEARD GERO WATCHED IT *W* I should get around to watching my AnS/HnA/VSA (if I have any) and AnShi I have on my harddrive XDDD and I still have to finish My Girl, Orange Days, Hammer Session, Hotaru no Hikari 2, etc < - - - - - fails so badly at finishing dramas XDD

Which reminds me that I wanted to post up pictures/recordings...

hopefully I can be productive enough to do it. And oh right! I haven't played Fire Emblem in months T___T -wants to play- but it takes me hours to play and I have to find sometime to sit and stare at how awesome Ike/Geoffrey/Sothe/Haar is (jk, I like them all, but these people pwn! well, I need to lvl up Sothe though T__T) Which reminds me that my friend told me they are giving away free Mews on WiFi for HeartGold/SoulSilver. whhhhhhyy?! I want Mew!!! >__< -has Diamond- my friend might trade it to be momentarily so I can hunt for it on the GTS (though Stephie told me she'd teach me how to hack the GTS or something LOLOL)

Er...that's about it for now -blank stare- It's very gdgd, sorry! And also very stream of conscious. LOL -writes what pops into mind-

Well, see you around you good folk~~ =)

P.S. I'll organize my DW tags later~~ ^^ -sorry for crossposting to LJ so much, can only ask DW from school^^;;- ________________________________________________________________________________ This entry was originally posted at SeraphicTune@dreamwidth! Feel free to comment in either places! ^^
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11 October 2010 @ 04:58 pm
A lot of text and pictures~ read on folks~~ =)Collapse )
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04 October 2010 @ 07:03 pm
So I was thinking of going to NYAF this year but I've never been to a con before.

I want to go on Sat for the Hatsune Miku concert (+ there seems to be more anime/manga stuff on Sat)

but people I know IRL will opt for Sun because there are like SATs on Sat...and it's more expensive on Sat...

So I'm lost~ what shall I do? >___<

on the other hand, we haven't bought tickets yet, so I wonder how much more expensive at the counter it'll be/ or if it'll run out?
For people with experience, how long do you have to line-up for? (unless you all pre-buy tickets...)

-nervous about this whole ordeal-

I dunno the first thing about attending a con, so please feel free to give advice/suggestions/hints, etc!

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02 October 2010 @ 11:17 am

Meme timmmmmme~ XD

From x_tsubasa_x3  ^____^

★ leave a comment saying "You're my one in a mirron~"
★ i'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
★ update your journal with the answers to your questions.
★ include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

My questions are:

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
2. Where do you want to live when you become a home owner?
3. If you could spend the day with Arashi, what would you do?
4. If you had one super power, what would it be?
5. How'd you get into NND?

1. Hm...it might be pasta. It's so tastyyyy~ PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~
2. Hm...honestly~ I want to live all over~ I like NY though. I was thinking I'd like London or Tokyo XD Paris er...I like it, but I dunno if I want to live there XDD
3. I would play video games with Arashi *w* just because of Sho-kun';s epic win and Nino would be so scary competitive...XDD
4. If I had a super power...it'd definitely be mind-reading! XDDD
5. MWHAHAHA. Honestly, I first found about it when I heard that a clip of ReboCon was on there and I REALLLLY WANTED TO WATCH IT BUT I WASN'T A MEMBER. =/ So I went through all the trouble of singing up to watch it. LOL I didn't realize then, but I made a mistake in commenting in English on the video w/Neeko's hair is pink. LOL fail. XD then I got into Vocaloid/Utattemita from YT and remembered I was a member of NND already from Reborn...and it went from there lol.

I'd make a longer post but I'm too lazy. sorry! I've had this under drafts since forever, sorry it took me so long to do this! Will be making Namahousou Log Pt 2 soon. XD


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LOLI.COM tweeted this: 【急募】Native LanguageがEnglishのニコ厨 or LOLI.COMファンの方、いらっしゃらないかしら。 English Skype TalkingをEnjoyしたいです。

I guess he wants chat buddies to improve his English? XD -couldn't resist the lure or writing in English- lol so I just RTed it XD

and he responded and it made be laugh a little because the way he phrased it...it sounds kinda internet predator-ish JK LOLOLOL XD

@SeraphicTune Yes! I wanna make my English better with very funny talking. Don't you wanna talk with me by Skype? :)

(but ehhh his English is pretty good! -wishes she could be good at Japanese...-)

I had to reply to the question, ne? Or I'd feel rude...;___; and his reponse was this: @SeraphicTune Thanks! My English is so poor,but I'll struggle to make it better ^^ ! Don't be shy please www I'm not HENTAI! ^^ w

LOLOLOLOL. this made me laugh. Totally internet predator sounding. jkjk XDDD I dunno where he got HENTAI from. LOLOL. randomly sticks it on...I'M NOT HENTAI!! lololol reminds me of when T-kun was like HOMO JA NAI! XDD



and when my friend went to Japan over the summer, I think she went to an unofficial shop and purchased some Arashi goods for us (I'm pretty sure it's unofficial since I don't think she knows where the store is and it didn't have the mark, etc)

but I'm so appreciative *w* it's so pretttttty~

here's some pics! ^^

Pictures under cut...because I'm nice like that, jk XDDCollapse )
I'm sorry...I post the most random things.
hope Homecoming will be fine tomorrow.

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